Palm Cross Green Development


DRAFT statement that MPC will make at the SHDC Development Management meeting on 29th July 2015

150729 Presentation to DMC

Modbury Parish Council
Recommendation to SHDC – Proposed Palm Cross Green Development

150302 Recommendation to SHDC

Extraordinary General Meeting – Planning application for proposed development at Palm Cross Green

150220 Extra-ordinary meeting Palm Cross Green development application minutesGR



Please see our reply to the recent letter to SHDC from Gary Streeter MP regarding the development. We hope this will clarify any misunderstandings about our motives and actions. We would also like to re-iterate that the council will not be making its recommendation to the planning authority until the meeting on 20th February and that this recommendation will take into account all comments made throughout the lengthy pre-application consultation period and since the submission of the application.

Letter from Gary Streeter MP to SHDC

150210 letter from Gary Streeter to SHDC

Reply to Gary Streeter MP from Modbury Parish Council

150213 Response to Gary Streeter

Modbury Parish Council – RA1 former Steering Group now Working Group reply to SHNL Jan30 2015

Modbury Parish Council meeting open forum
Monday 9th February 2015
Question and answer session for planning application 35/0059/15/F:
Proposed development site west of Palm Cross Green.

This document is not a transcript of the debate on the evening. It aims to summarise questions, comments and answers made at the meeting. The open forum session was recorded and is available for anyone to listen to at the Parish Office by appointment. (Unfortunately the file is too large to load onto the existing council website.

The panel:
Mr D Kenyon, Major Projects Manager, SHDC; Mr J Kershaw, Environmental Health, SHDC, Ms C Harrison, Affordable Housing Officer, SHDC, Mr G Swiss, Strategic Planning Officer, SHDC, Mr R Kennerley, Natural Environment and Recreation Officer, SHDC, Mr R Jackson, Highway Officer, DCC, Mr I Kibblewhite, Bloor, Mr P Talbot, Bloor.

150209 MPC meeting appendix 2 Question and answer session

Modbury Parish Council
Consultation event for Planning application 35/0059/15/F:
proposed development site west of Palm Cross Green.

Wednesday 28th January, 2PM to 8PM In the Pavilion, QE11 Recreation Field.

Sixty three people attended the event and 37 comments were submitted covering 4 sheets of paper. Many of the comments covered various themes and so, to facilitate analysis of the issues and preparation for the open forum session on Monday 9th February, the comments have been divided and loosely grouped into themes.