About the Parish Council

Modbury Parish Council has 12 councillors who are elected for four years. Their details are listed on a separate page. At the Annual meeting in May a Chairperson is elected. Currently it is Bernard Taylor.

Modbury Parish Council meets on the second Monday of each month.

Meetings start at 7.00pm with an open forum where parishioners can ask questions and raise issues. The open forum is limited to 30 minutes unless there is a significant matter to discuss.

Agendas for the monthly meetings are posted a week beforehand on the parish notice board and on these pages. Draft minutes are also put on the notice board and then approved at the next meeting.



The Parish Clerk is Sacha Hagar and she can be contacted by email on “parishclerk {at} modburypc.co(.)uk”; or by writing to:

The Parish Office, 2 Galpin Street, Modbury, PL21 0QA -Telephone 01548-830222


Important Documents

The way the in which the council works is stipulated in our standing orders:

1412 Standing orders MPC

Councillors’ behaviour is regulated by our code of conduct:

Members Code of Conduct

Filming and recording at meetings is governed by this protocol:

Protocol on the filming and recording of MPC meetings

For guidance on participating in our meetings please read the document below:

1508 Protocol for public participation

If you have a complaint about the council or a councillor please let us know using the guidelines below:

1508 Complaints Policy

Here is a full list of our publications: (This is currently in draft format in anticipation of the amendments being adopted at the October 2015 meeting)

Publication Scheme FINAL MAY 2014