MARS New Pavilion Building Project – HELP NEEDED NOW

The project to build a new Community Sports Pavilion commences on April 2nd. In order to make the project cost effective it would be helpful if we recruit volunteers who have skills in the finishing trades and are willing labourers to help with the project e.g. First Fix Electricians, Carpenters, Roofers, Decorators, Tilers, Kitchen Fitters and General Labourers are needed to volunteer support to the building contractor. Community response will ensure that we realise at last a Sports Pavilion that we will be proud of, and that will be the centre of a Recreation and Sports field available for all.

We also would welcome any donations or gifts to ensure that the resources we need to complete the work are achieved.

We already have a number of volunteers but more are required to commit to the project. Modbury Developments (Richard Mitchell) is the main contractor, and the first contact is: Peter Preston 01548 831324. Email prhpreston {at} gmail(.)com

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